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Stained Glass Windows

The stained glass windows in the current sanctuary were designed to represent each of the gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. 

Matthew has as its central figure a man, winged and holding a scroll, portraying the prophetic role of Jesus. At the top is the star of Bethlehem, the manger and crib, and at the bottom the Christmas rose.

Mark uses the symbolic figures of the lion as king of beasts; above is the lamp, cross and crown, representing the word of Christ. The trumpet and book in the lower portion emphasize the need to proclaim the word.

Luke features an ox, the need for sacrifice. The symbolism is further exemplified by a crown of thorns at the top, the olive branch and the cup of suffering. The three crosses represent the crucifixion scene and, lastly, the lilies reveal the promise of resurrection.

John displays the figure of the Eagle which represents the soaring of the Spirit. At the top are the figures of the orb and cross representing the world and eternity. At the bottom the Chi Rho, the Alpha and the Omega, denoting Christ, the beginning and the end of time.

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