Worship at

First Congregational Church

Our Faith is over 2000 years old,

but our thinking is not.

We are a progressive church, which is characterized by our willingness to ask and explore vital questions regarding our faith and its traditions, to accept the whole of human diversity, our strong commitment to social justice and to care for those living in the margins, and in being good stewardship of all our resources.

Worship centers around these themes and is guided by our desire to live in community, to be more compassionate beings, and to hold space for one another. Our service is structured in much the same way as most Protestant churches, but the words we speak to and over one another share a specific message of hope, love, and peace, always rooted in community.

We take the teachings of Christ seriously and are consistently challenging ourselves to "be the hands and feet" of Christ in this present day of God's unfolding kingdom. Therefore, we feel compelled to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. We seek ways to address issues of poverty, systemic racism, and the horrible "othering" of of the most marginalized in our society. All are welcome in God's kingdom; so all are welcome here.

Click on the image below for a  map showing the location of First Congregational Church

We are a vibrant community of faith in action!

Last Updated: 5 September 2020

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