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     Vision Statement

     Pastoral Welcome Letter

     Moderator's Welcome

     Our Worship

     A Video Introduction

     Pictures of Congregational Life

     What We Believe ...

What We Do ...

     Sermon Teaser    (This is currently not used)


          Sermon (Date)        (The oldest of these five changes every week with the oldest changed to the newest)

          Sermon (Date)

          Sermon (Date)

          Sermon (Date)

          Sermon (Date)

     Announcements    (this is currently not used)


     Mission of the Month

     Charitble Fund

     Susanna's KItchen

     The Memorial Garden

     Keys Counsiling     (not active)

     Lenten Activities    (not active)

Our Music

     Anthem 11-24-14      (These change periodically)

     Anthem 12-14-14

     The Gift Goes On

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     Church Profile


     Annual Report for 2014









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