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Diversity is important to the spiritual and mental wellbeing of our congregation. We are consistently looking for more ways to be increase diversity in our church. The more diverse the greater the number of perspectives upon which to draw.


Living our Faith from a progressive point of view isn't about right or left, or about political affiliation, but rather, Progressive Faith is a reorientation toward the HOLY. We are followers of Christ who long to be at one with our God and with each other. We want to learn how to see the world through the eyes of Christ, and to live a more Christ-like life. We value questions, exploration, even doubt; believing that it is in these vulnerable places we find the sacred. We are socially progressive, believing that God invites all of us into God's kingdom, a kingdom that is unfolding right in front of our eyes.


Dedicated to Service

We take the words of Jesus seriously to take care of the most marginalized in our society. Most of our missions and outreach efforts are geared toward individuals struggling to make ends meet or who are homeless. We raise money, donate our time, and give of our many talents to assist Guidance Ministries, Saving Grace, and Church Community Services who do the day to day work with folks. We are a founding member of the Elkhart City Homeless Coalition, and work with city government to hopefully one day end homelessness in our city. Service is our highest calling.

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