What We Believe

One of the most difficult tasks in Church is to define what one believes. If we took the time to poll everyone sitting in the pews of any given church we would find that most people have varying beliefs based on how they were raised; what they were taught as children in church, if they attended; what they discovered in the early twenties when they were searching for truth; and what folks have learned as a result of living in the real world. It is hard to encapsulate all of that into a statement of faith because we are all part of the church, and we all have these varieties of experiences that have informed our faith.

At First Congregational Church UCC, lived experience is critical to our overall under-standing of the gospel. Each of the gospel writers had a unique perspective on the life of Christ and wrote about Jesus through their particular lens, all based on their lived experience of Christ. This is what motivates us to discern what Christ is calling us to be as a church, and how we articulate that calling into a set of beliefs we can actually live!

  • Church is the people.​

  • Christ is our blueprint for living.

  • The whole of sacred text teaches us how to live lives of compassion.

  • All actions have consequences, choose the more compassionate path.

  • No one is turned away from God's unfolding kingdom.

  • We are all created in the image and likeness of God, but our language is woefully inadequate to ever fully describe God, or to know how God works in the world. So, we ask lots of questions of ourselves and each other, and we pay attention to our lived experiences, all of which inform how we see God and know God. Most importantly, we do this in community.

We are a vibrant community of faith in action!

Last Updated: 5 September 2020

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