Message From the Pastor

 I am excited to share with you a few reasons why First Congregational Church is a great place to worship and grow you faith.


We are a progressive church, meaning that all  are welcome, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or any other characteristic        that usually divides us. We celebrate the diversity of God's creation, recognizing that we weren't all created the same--and that's a good thing. We like it best when you come as you are, which is exactly how God receives us. We welcome your questions, as long as you realize we don't have all the answers.

At First Congregational Church, we believe we are called to love God, love neighbor, love self, and show mercy. What we do is as important as what we say. If we allow God to be at the center of our lives, we are oriented toward lives of service and compassion; lives where every person we meet becomes the very face of God. How we take care of one another is a testament to our relationship with Christ.

I invite you to join us for worship, to experience the love of our community, and to be part of a living faith that sees how God is Still Speaking.

We are a vibrant community of faith in action!

Last Updated: 5 September 2020

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